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The aim of this statement is to outline our philosophies and the type of service we intend to provide, before engaging our services.

Aim of our care:

Back up and bookings:

Due to the type of service we desire to give, our personalities and circumstances, we ideally would like to accept 4 clients per month.

With this workload, the likelihood of one of us not being available to attend your birth is greatly reduced.

On call availability:

We are available 24 hours of the day for support, concerns and information via telephone and mobile phone (which has a pager service).


We see our role as Guardian of the birthing woman.

Postnatal care:

Visiting schedule- One midwife will visit daily for 4 days and then ring you on day 5, visit day 6 and once the following week, at your home. We then like to have a 6 weekly visit to ensure all is well physically and emotionally.

We will encourage you beforehand to organise this period whereby all your needs (cooking, cleaning, washing etc) are taken care of by "other" loving hands.

The midwife will perform the Neonatal Screening Test, should you choose to have it done.
Basically our care encompasses an "holistic" approach, and is on of non-intervention and empowerment to the birthing woman. We therefore:

What we require of you


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